Sandy Johnson


5 wammy03057

Ms. Johnson is a superb Realtor! Skillfully negotiating between all parties involved in the short sale of our home. Her knowledge and communication skills helped ensure the seamless transition of a successful sale within a strategically challenged market.

5 user0642002

Sandy was able to sell my house, in what I consider a timely fashion, during a very difficult period for the housing market. Both the buyer and myself (the seller) were very satisfied. Highly recommended!

5 user6456386

Sandy Johnson and I serve on the board of our homeowners’ association (Woodland Pond at Manchester HOA) in New Hampshire. Her real estate experience and expertise have served us well. She has excellent presentation skills for meetings. she can also deal forcefully or authoritatively with businesses and city officials.

5 user6558623

Sandy was able to get the best deal for me on my last purchase. She was an excelent negotiator, knew the market and was very responsive. I’m going to Sandy for all my property transactions. She’s the best!

5 user1494045

Sandy was fantastic in handling the purchase of this house. The developer was trying to pull a fast one with shotty workmanship and she made them fix it. She sure knows her business. I highly recommend her!

5 user8460484

Sandy was awesome! She lead the charge and help contact the correct people to negotiate the sale of my home. She is someone I have recommended to friends to help with the sale of their homes and would gladly do again.

5 tomeso

Excellent agent, experienced with sales agreements. We got the house we decided upon after looking at many. We made the right choices after being educated by Sandy

5 snow witty

Just moved here from Overseas, needed housing for my parents. She handled the Chinese language with us very well. Knowledgeable with bank owned properties , HUD housing and short sales. Closed quickly w cash sale.

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